Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is done at your premises by one of trained assessors, he will visit your premises and evaluate your current and potential risk factors.

Items assessed during our site inspection

Perimeter Protection: Assess what is currently in place, vulnerable areas and possible measures to address the risk

Access Controls: Assess all current measures in place and establish their effectiveness and recommend procedures to improve them.

Visit the premises during the day and at night to establish areas that require better lighting.

Health, Fire & Safety:
Assess compliance to the various acts and suggest any necessary upgrades  to the processes and equipment.

CCTV, Alarms & Electric Fencing:
Review current installation in place and identify weaknesses and make necessary recommendation to the improve them.

Guarding Services

VSS conduct stringent recruiting processes, including interviews, reference checking, registration verification and criminal record checking.  As a condition of employment our staff are subjected to random polygraph tests. Our staff undergoes training which includes fire, first aid, CCTV monitoring and access control. Our Guard uniform is gender, site and rank specific. All on site training is done by a Grade A instructor where job specific site instructions are formulated including incident handling procedure, contingency evacuation procedures and fire and risk management solutions.

Daily inspection, parades and operations debriefing are handled by operational managers. Our guards are incentivised to carry out their duties diligently and rewarded for successful arrests.VSS is exceptionally skilled in supplying physical guarding services that incorporates both armed and unarmed security guards in the following areas, Commercial, Residential and Retail Services.

– The guards that we deploy to our various clients are professionally trained

– We deploy guards with a minimum of  a Grace C certificate to our clients, unless our client insists  on a lower grade.

– A thorough vetting of potential staff member and criminal clearance checks are carried out before employment of any personnel.

– Regular service evaluations are conducted to ensure quality service delivery.



Our special events division specialises in the deployment and operational planning of events ranging from concerts and large sporting events.

Our Special Events staff are pre screened and carefully selected, these staff members have in addition to the Psira security certificate, they have a special events certificate. Our Special Events staff are pre screened and carefully selected and because we understand that each event has specific requirements we are able to customise our services according to our clients needs.

We are able to provide any required logistics including:

Mobile command center, Portable radio, custom made uniform, reflective vests, barrier tape, traffic cones, security dogs, vehicles, Quad bikes and crowd control bar


Close Protection

Our Close Protection Officers (CPOs) are registered with Psira. Our CPOs are well versed and excel in personal protection of company executives, dignitaries, celebrities or private persons requiring  special protection for themselves and their families. 

VSS provides close protection solutions which are customised to client specifications, threat analysis and discretion requirements. A secure drive services is offered, chauffer driven and close protection officer accompanied service.


The training that our staff undertakes is under a training centre which is SASSETA accredited and is run by fully accredited instructors who train and certify new guards as well as continuously update the existing guards.

Training offered includes:

Induction training, specialised crime prevention programme, retail, commercial, industrial, residential, reaction, tactical, firearm competency, tailor made site specific training and CCTV operator training

We provide services for multiple customers in various industries and segments

VSS provides close protection solutions which are customised to client specifications

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